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For January 2021!

A big congratulations to Sandra Hill, the winner of our Christmas give away!

New Year.. New Choices… Which one is best for you?

With a new year comes 365 days of new opportunities! Deciding which moves to make to keep you and your family happy and healthy this year might be difficult. With the economic impact of covid-19 being felt by almost everyone. How do you decide what purchases need to be made now and which ones should wait?
We know that when it comes to your vehicle this decision becomes even more challenging. You rely on your vehicle for so many things, you need it to be in top shape! If your vehicle is getting older and the repair bill is getting more and more costly you might be tempted to buy a new one.  Here are a few things to think about while trying to make the decision between buying new or keeping your current vehicle.

 Depending on the age and mileage of your current vehicle, your scheduled maintenance inspection might turn up some repairs that need to be done.  Whether it be a simple repair or a larger, more costly, repair. The vehicle will need repairs at one time or another. The older the vehicle, the more likely that rust and corrosion have taken its toll, but where do you draw the line?

A new vehicle might seem like a viable option. Most new vehicles come with a pretty good warranty,  keeping you from the unexpected repair costs for few years.  The only downside, the cost. While bi-weekly or monthly payments may be easier to budget for, the interest rates will have you paying thousands more then you had originally hoped. Another thing to keep in mind, with the uncertain financial times we are currently facing, is a new payment going to be able to be made if something happens.

There is never a clear cut answer to the question “Should I fix it or replace it?”
Whichever you decide the Team at Team Automotive hope you and your family a Happy New Year!

Electric Buzz!

The automotive world is electrified with talks of new electric vehicles! Vehicle manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Kia, Nissan & Volkswagen have all released electric vehicles in Canada already.  With new models expected from other manufacturers in the coming years, electric cars are the way of the future. Ford has been spotted testing out its new Electric F-150 which we can expect to hit the market in the next 12 – 18 months.  GMC has announced the new Hummer EV, which will be available in the fall of 2022. The new Hummer EV will be available with 1000 horsepower,  extract mode, and underbelly cameras!  There is something for everyone in the new world of electric vehicles, even Apple has announced its own electric vehicle which set to be released in 2024!


1. On average, how many cars are manufactured every year?
A) 20 million
B) 90 Million
C) 70 Million

2. True Or False – Roughly 65% of all Rolls Royce cars ever built are still on the road today?

3. When was the first Alternator introduced

1 - C – There are, on average 70 Million Cars produced every year around the world!
2 - True
3 - B – The first alternator was used on a 1960 Plymouth Valiant.

Your Car, Your Data, Your Choice!

“Your Car, Your Data, Your Choice” is an education program designed to raise awareness among consumers about the implications of control over the massive amounts of data collected by their vehicles. It is also currently a 29000 supporter strong petition that aims to press lawmakers to ensure that consumers have control over their own data!

By 2022 it is believed that 70% - 95% of vehicles being sold in Canada will be equipped with wireless technology. Which will send diagnostic information and other data directly to the car makers.  The issue facing consumers, with regards to their data, is a simple one. If automakers are allowed to monopolize the data in the vehicles they produce then the consumer could lose the choice of where they can take their vehicle for service & repair. This could lead to cost increases as the consumer would be left with no other option.

In a study conducted by the AIA, Canadian consumers show they are as comfortable sharing their vehicle data with the local independent service business as they are with the vehicle manufacturer. However only 1/3 of the participants correctly knew that the vehicle manufacturer controls the data in their vehicle.  For more information about “Your Car, Your Data, Your Choice” you can visit their website at

Car & Driver Top 10 Vehicles of 2021!

Car and Driver magazine has posted its list of the best vehicles in 2021! Although some of the cars on the list may not surprise you, there are a few new vehicles have made the cut this year.

Here is the list!

  1. Chevrolet Corvette
  2. Genesis GV80
  3. Honda Accord
  4. Kia Telluride
  5. Mazda CX-5
  6. Porsche 718 Boxster
  7. Porsche Macan
  8. Ram 1500
  9. Toyota Supera
  10. Volkswagen Golf GTI

Want to read the reviews? Here is the link to the article.

Do not let Auto Repairs stop your Holiday plans.

Christmas is right around the corner! While this year may not be the average Christmas for most people. We can guarantee that you will need to rely on your vehicle at one point or another. Whether it is Christmas shopping, visiting family or just driving around looking at the beautiful Christmas lights. Your vehicle is always there when you need it. Keeping it well maintained is essential to keeping your plans on track. We have compiled a brief vehicle maintenance check list to keep you and your family moving this holiday season!

1. Oil – Now would be the best time to ensure that your vehicle is not due for an oil change. It would also be a good idea to check your oil to ensure it is at the optimal level. If you are not sure how to check your oil stop on into the shop and let us check it for you.

2. Cooling System – Having coolant that is not rated for the cold could cause lines to freeze and burst. Having your coolant tested every year before it gets cold is a good idea.

3. Battery – We have all been there, go out to the car in the morning and it will not start. Having a good strong battery could help you prevent that dreaded moment. You should have your battery health tested regularly and replaced if necessary.

4. Tires - When was the last time you checked your tires? Its always good to have your tires inflated to the proper Psi and to make sure they are not weather cracked and the tread is still at an optimal level.

5. Emergencies – No one ever wants to think about the worst case scenario. However when it does happen you will be thankful you were prepared. Carrying an extra set of gloves, a blanket, a flashlight and even a small shovel could come in handy if there ever was a problem.

These few simple tips will help keep you and your family safe and happy this holiday season!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a Semi Annual Inspection. This includes a lube oil and filter change. Give us a call or stop in the shop today to learn more.

Virgin Hyperloop Makes its Debut!

Have you ever wondered what the future hold in terms of traveling? This might just answer that question. The Virgin Hyperloop test facility, located in Nevada, has completed its first human test trials! The first passengers described the ride as "not much different then accelerating in a sports car." This test reached a peak speed of 107 miles per hour and made the 500 meter trip in 6.25 seconds!

Hyperloop systems use magnetic levitation to allow for near silent travel. The goal of the Los Angeles based company is to have floating pods packed with passengers and cargo travel through vacuum tubes at roughly 600 miles per hour. Making the trip between New York and Washington around 30 minutes. It would be twice as fast as a commercial jet!


1. True or False – Whale oil was used in some cars transmissions.

2. True or False - The Honda Accord is the most stolen vehicle in Canada.

3. True or False - The man who invented the cruise control was blind.


1. True – They stopped using whale oil in transmissions around 1973.

2. False – The Honda Accord is the most stolen vehicle in the United States, In Canada the most stolen vehicle is the Ford F-150.

3. True - Ralph Teetor Invented the Cruise Control. He was blinded at the age of 5 in an accident.

Merry Christmas From all of us at Team Automotive!

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