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For May 2021!

Yamaha Announces 496 HP Electric Motor

Yamaha is set to debut its new compact 496 hp motor at the Automotive Engineering Exposition! The event is held in Yokohama, Japan from May 26th – 28th. This exciting new motor is designed to be used in conjunction with another unit on the same vehicle. A unit using two of these models of engine will be extremely powerful! Yamaha has been expanding its electric activities and is currently developing electric motors that range from 47 – 268 hp. The company is set to start accepting orders to build prototype vehicles with this new engine this month.

1 Year Later.. How the Pandemic has changed the Auto Industry

When the virus hit North America in early 2020 no one would have guess that 1 year later we would still be fighting to keep it at bay. Businesses in all sectors have been feeling the pain of the lock downs and continued safety measures that Covid-19 has brought.  The auto industry was no exception, with vehicle sales plummeting 75% in the early month of the pandemic.  The lay offs in the industry were wide spread, around 60% of GM’s Canadian workforce was laid off at this time.  With lack of demand, and the unavailability of PPE for staff, a majority of production facilities shut down. This shut down lasted until May 2020, when GM decided to reopen some of their manufacturing facilities with new Covid-19 protocols in place.

However, even with the plants up and running, vehicle manufacturers are facing shortages of key components of vehicles. For example, Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, and Nissan are all experiencing a shortage of microchips. The average car has anywhere from 50 to 150 microchips. Without the chips automakers are set to lose up to 2 billion dollars in production and sales each in the next year.

The industry has seen its share of ups and downs during this past year and it doesn't look like things will be back to normal any time soon.


The team at Team Automotive knows this pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. Our essential workers are exhausted, and our small businesses hurting. So we would like to give back to both of the groups that are struggling during this time. Starting this month we will be offering a chance to win a gift card from one of our amazing local restaurants! Each month a different group of essential workers will be chosen to partake in the draw. For the month of May we have decided to recognize our amazing nurses and PSWs. If you are a nurse or PSW all you have to do to be eligible for this give away is head on over to our Facebook page,  like and comment on the giveaway status & like our Facebook page! The draw will take place on May 28, 2021. Keep your eyes on our page as the next group of eligible hard working individuals will announced at that time! Good luck!


  1. When was the first three-color traffic light used?

a) 1910

B) 1927

C) 1919

  1. What was the most popular car color sold in the USA in 2019?

A) Black

B) White

C) Red

  1. What year did GM decide to discontinue its Saturn brand?

A) 2010

B) 2014

C) 2003

  1. C) The first traffic light was installed in Detroit Michigan in 1919.
  2. B) White was the most popular color of vehicle in USA in 2019.
  3. A) The Saturn brand name was established in 1985 and was ended in 2010.

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