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For April 2021!

$750 K Worth of Catalytic Converters Recovered!

LA Country Sheriffs have arrested 19 people in connection with a string of catalytic converter thefts. The total value of the converters recovered, a staggering $750000, was not the only items seized during the take down. The officers also recovered $100000 in cash and firearms!
The converter is an important part of your vehicles emissions reductions system. Its helps turn carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, generated by burning fossil fuels, into carbon dioxide and water. Catalytic converters contain precious metals, such as platinum, palladium & rhodium, which is why they are being targeted. Almost every single vehicle sold since 1975 has a catalytic converter. Which means almost every vehicle on the road is a potential target for theft. There is very little the average person can do to prevent the theft of their converter once it has been targeted. There are a few small tips you can do to try and prevent your vehicle from being targeted, such as, park your vehicle in a well lit area, preferably with surveillance cameras, or park your vehicle inside at night if possible.
Although these tips will not guarantee that your vehicle is safe from theft, it might just deter the average criminal from targeting your vehicle!

New Land Rover Air Filtration System To Prevent Viruses

With the pandemic still raging on 1 year later, automakers are trying to find new ways to keep their customers safe from this pandemic and any viruses that might happen in the future. Land Rover is leading the pack with new technology that neutralizes 97% of airborne viruses and bacteria. Most British automakers are currently using Panasonic’s Nanoe Technology and PM2.5 filtration.
This new approach, called Nanoe X, is 10 times more effective according to the brand. The Nanoe X technology relies on high voltage to create trillions of Hydroxyl radicals wrapped inside nano sized water molecules. Hydroxyl radicals, otherwise known as OH, eliminates common allergens and mold as well as the proteins in viruses and bacteria while being harmless to humans.
Jaguar and Land Rover models plan to use the new technology in future vehicles, however there is no word yet on when that will happen.


  1. When was the first dash mounted gas gauge used in cars?

    A) 1922

    B) 1902

    C) 1914

  2. What US city has the worst traffic?

    A) Los Angeles

    B) New York

    C) Washington DC

  3. When was the last vehicle produced with cassette player?

    A) 2006

    B) 2011

    C) 2009


  1. C - The first dash-mounted gas gauge by Studebaker in 1914
  2. C - Washington D.C. has the worst traffic in the United States, with commuters waiting an average of 82 hours a year in traffic.
  3. B - The last car with a cassette player was a Ford Crown Vic in 2011!

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